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Article: The best perfume makers of Barcelona

The best perfume makers of Barcelona

The best perfume makers of Barcelona

The best perfume makers of Barcelona

If you're strolling through the old town of Barcelona, there's a good chance you'll come across some of the locations used in the movie "Perfume." Many places in the Gothic Quarter, in particular, will remind you of the film, which is set in Grasse, France.

Although Grasse is one of the most significant places for perfume creation and production, Barcelona has a rich history of serum-making and a thriving perfume industry today. While large companies like Puig produce for major brands, there are numerous hidden gems to discover if you're visiting Barcelona.

To help you dive into the world of perfumes in Barcelona, we've compiled a list of the best places to visit. You can explore a perfume museum, create your own perfume in a workshop, and even find your niche fragrance.

Barcelona Parfume shops

Although this article focuses on unique perfume destinations, you may still be interested in purchasing your favorite commercial perfume. To assist you, we have compiled a brief list of places to buy commercial perfumes in Barcelona:

Perfume workshops

There are numerous perfume-making workshops in Barcelona, but as they are constantly changing, we cannot provide specific links here. However, you can easily find them on the following websites:

Perfume Museum

The perfume museum in Barcelona is worth a visit if you are interested in learning about the history and culture of perfume making, particularly in the Catalan region. The museum showcases a collection of antique perfume bottles, distillation equipment, and other historical artifacts related to the perfume industry. It also offers guided tours and workshops where you can learn about the process of creating fragrances and even make your own perfume. Additionally, visiting the perfume museum provides a unique cultural experience and is an excellent way to learn about Barcelona's significant contributions to the perfume industry.

Where to find: Passeig de Gràcia, 39, 08007 Barcelona


Carner is a niche perfume brand that originated in Barcelona and is known for creating unique, high-quality fragrances. If you are a perfume enthusiast or interested in discovering new scents, a visit to the Carner perfume shop in Barcelona is worthwhile.

At the Carner perfume shop, you can experience their collection of perfumes, which includes a variety of unisex fragrances that are inspired by the Mediterranean and the city of Barcelona. The shop offers a personalized fragrance experience where you can work with a fragrance expert to discover your ideal scent and learn about the perfume-making process.

Additionally, the Carner perfume shop is located in the heart of the city, which makes it easily accessible and a convenient stop during your visit to Barcelona.

Where to find: Carrer de la Diputació, 266, local 2, 08007 Barcelona

Moss Olfactory Lab

Unfortunately Moss Olfactory Lab has been closed!

Moss Olfactory Lab was a unique fragrance boutique and laboratory located in Barcelona, and a visit to this shop was a must for anyone interested in the world of perfume.

At Moss Olfactory Lab, you can explore a wide range of artisanal, niche fragrances that are created in-house by the shop's own perfumer. The fragrances are carefully crafted using natural ingredients, and each scent is designed to tell a unique olfactory story.

What sets Moss Olfactory Lab apart is its focus on creating a personalized fragrance experience for its customers. The shop offers consultations and workshops where you can work with a fragrance expert to create a bespoke scent that is tailored to your individual tastes and preferences.

Furthermore, Moss Olfactory Lab was located in the trendy Born district of Barcelona, which makes it a great destination for visitors looking to explore the city's vibrant culture and architecture.

Where to find: Closed 

La Basilica Galeria Perfume 

Unfortunately, this particular place has closed down. The owners made the decision to sell exclusively online due to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation.

La Basilica Galeria Perfume was a one-of-a-kind destination for fragrance enthusiasts and art lovers visiting Barcelona. This gallery and perfume shop was housed in a 14th-century Gothic basilica and featured a unique collection of perfumes, art, and design objects.

At La Basilica Galeria Perfume, you were able to explore a carefully curated selection of artisanal fragrances from around the world, including rare and hard-to-find scents. The shop also offered a range of perfume-related products, such as candles, soaps, and incense, as well as art and design objects that are inspired by fragrance and perfume making.

What made La Basilica Galeria Perfume truly special is its setting in a historic basilica, which provided a beautiful and atmospheric backdrop for the fragrances and products on display. Additionally, the gallery regularly hosted art exhibitions and events that explore the intersections of art and perfume, made it a fascinating destination for visitors interested in the creative and cultural aspects of fragrance.

Where to find: Only online for now

The Perfumery Barcelona

The Perfumery Barcelona is a must-visit for anyone searching for extraordinary fragrances in a unique, contemporary, yet warm and welcoming context. Not only does the Perfumery provide unique and elegant decor, but it also offers a display of fragrances in a completely innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and above all, olfactory functional way.

The space was carefully designed to achieve a highly effective and positive influence on the people who occupy it. The Perfumery believe that to properly savor the fragrances it offers, it is extremely important to be in a seductive, relaxed, and carefree environment.

Based on a system that is not only deeply distinctive but also essentially functional and aesthetically refined, the exhibition of their fragrances is unique in the country. They offer a true sensory experience at all levels where clients can establish a personal relationship with each and every one of their perfumes. It goes without saying that at The Perfumery, they offer a creative niche and internal fragrances, but the focus here is on the fascinating and intriguing connection that is established between the fragrance and the individual.

Visit The Perfumery Barcelona to immerse yourself in a sensory journey of exquisite fragrances that are expertly displayed in a unique and welcoming atmosphere, allowing you to establish a personal connection with each fragrance.

Where to find: Carrer de Sant Pere Més Alt, 58, 08003 Barcelona


Bravanariz is a unique fragrance brand located in the town of Gaüses, near Girona in Catalonia. A visit to Bravanariz offers a chance to explore the world of natural perfumery and to discover the unique scents and landscapes of the region.

At Bravanariz, you can explore a range of artisanal fragrances that are crafted using natural ingredients and inspired by the local landscapes of Catalonia. The scents are designed to tell a story and capture the essence of the region, whether it's the Mediterranean coast, the Pyrenees mountains, or the forests and fields of the countryside.

What sets Bravanariz apart is its focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness. The brand uses only natural ingredients, and many of the plants used in the fragrances are grown and harvested on the company's own land. Bravanariz is also committed to reducing its environmental impact and promoting ethical and sustainable practices throughout the production process.

Furthermore, a visit to Bravanariz provides an opportunity to explore the beautiful region of Girona, with its picturesque towns, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Where to find: Barri la Pobla, 1, 17773 Pontós, Girona

Ramon Monegal

Ramon Monegal is a unique perfume brand located in Barcelona. A visit to the Ramon Monegal boutique offers a chance to explore a range of artisanal fragrances that are crafted using high-quality ingredients and inspired by the rich history and culture of Catalonia.

Ramon Monegal himself is a well-known perfumer who comes from a long line of perfumers. He draws on his family's heritage and the history of the region to create fragrances that are deeply rooted in the local culture. Each fragrance tells a story and captures the essence of Catalonia, from the Mediterranean coast to the mountains and beyond.

At the Ramon Monegal boutique, you can explore the brand's range of fragrances, including its signature scents as well as limited edition and exclusive fragrances. The boutique is designed to be an immersive experience, with a unique fragrance bar where you can discover and test the fragrances at your leisure.

In addition to discovering new fragrances, visiting the Ramon Monegal boutique can also provide an opportunity to learn about the art and science of perfume making. Ramon Monegal himself is often present in the boutique and is happy to share his knowledge and passion for perfume making with visitors.

Where to find: Carrer de Calvet, 3, 08021 Barcelona

Les Topettes

Les Topettes is a unique perfume shop located in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. A visit to Les Topettes offers a chance to explore a curated collection of niche and artisanal fragrances from around the world.

The shop specializes in natural and organic fragrances and skincare products, with a focus on brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical production practices. Les Topettes offers a unique selection of fragrances, with many scents that are exclusive to the shop and cannot be found elsewhere in Barcelona.

In addition to exploring the collection of fragrances, a visit to Les Topettes can also be an opportunity to learn about the art of perfumery and skincare. The knowledgeable staff is available to answer questions and provide guidance on selecting the perfect fragrance or skincare product for your needs.

The shop itself is also a beautifully designed space, with a minimalist aesthetic that allows the fragrances and skincare products to take center stage. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon discovering new scents and indulging in a little self-care.

Where to find: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 33, 08001 Barcelona

Arquinesia Perfume Shop Barcelona

Arquinesia Perfumes

Arquinesia is a perfume shop that was created and designed after several trips to the Mediterranean and a love for the Balearic Islands. Inspired by the diverse aromas of these multifaceted islands, the magical ambiance and moments of each journey have been captured and induced into the creation of an authentic and natural fragrance collection.

The passion for photography, the love of beauty, and the affection for scents have given an added touch of value to the fragrance collection. Capturing fragrances not only with the nose but also with the eyes is one of the many reasons why Arquinesia is such a special brand.

It's not just a perfume, but the direct experience with the Balearic Islands also allows you to feel the fragrance. Each collection has its own individual story, giving the brand a uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. Each story is filled with passion, explaining the beauty and magnificence of the fragrances. Visit Arquinesia and be transported to the Balearic Islands through the art of fragrance.

Where to find: Carrer de la Princesa, 7, 08003 Barcelona

La Galeria de Santa Maria Novella

La Galeria de Santa Maria Novella is a beautiful perfume shop located in the heart of Barcelona. The shop is an official reseller of the historic Santa Maria Novella brand, which is one of the oldest and most prestigious perfume houses in the world.

A visit to La Galeria de Santa Maria Novella offers a chance to explore the brand's collection of fragrances and skincare products, which are all crafted using traditional methods and high-quality ingredients. The fragrances are inspired by the brand's rich history, which dates back to the 13th century when the Dominican friars of Florence began cultivating medicinal herbs in their gardens.

In addition to exploring the fragrances and skincare products, visiting La Galeria de Santa Maria Novella can also be an opportunity to learn about the brand's fascinating history and the art of perfume making. The shop's knowledgeable staff can provide insight into the unique ingredients and production methods used by the brand, as well as the cultural and historical significance of the fragrances.

The shop itself is a beautifully designed space, with an elegant and timeless aesthetic that reflects the brand's rich heritage. A visit to La Galeria de Santa Maria Novella is a unique and luxurious experience that is sure to delight fragrance enthusiasts and anyone interested in the history and culture of perfume making.

Where to find: Carrer de l'Espaseria, 4-8, 08003 Barcelona

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