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Leather AtelierMadre
Manuel Dreesmann

Barcelona Showroom Atelier Madre

The brand Atelier Madre opened its doors to the public in 2021 with the first shop in El Born, Barcelona. We handcraft premium leather goods and bags right here with vegetable tanned leather from local tanneries. We have a wide range of products from Belts, Wallets, Bags, Bracelets and much more.

Our style is modern and minimalistic and has been featured by the New York Times, Elle, Glamour, Mens Health and Madame Le Figaro.

Our Shop is functioning as well as our showroom. So we work directly together with stylists and photographers for editorials or celebrities. If you have a project or event that you need accessories for, we would love to work together with you.


As our workshop is situated at the back of the shop, we can produce different sizes or colors specially for you. You can either just drop by, or make an appointment through our Instagram.


Adress: Carrer del Rec 20, 08003 Barcelona
Open: Monday-Sunday 11:00-20:00


On our Instagram you will find the whole collection!


About our workshop

Discover the art of leathercrafting at our showroom-shop-workshop, where every piece is crafted by hand using traditional techniques right before your eyes. From the precise cutting to expert stitching and flawless finishing, we ensure that every bag is a masterpiece.

At our workshop, we believe that quality begins with the materials we use. That's why we carefully select only the finest leathers - highest graded, vegetable-tanned, full-grain - all made locally in Spain. To add the finishing touch, we utilize solid brass applications to bring out the beauty of our premium leather products.

At our atelier, sustainability is at the forefront of our operations. From local production and sourcing from ethical suppliers, to using materials with minimal environmental impact, every aspect of our business is designed with the planet in mind. Our timeless designs resist passing fashion trends, and our leather goods only become more beautiful with age. By minimizing packaging and keeping as much value in-house as possible, we strive to create a positive impact while delivering premium products.

Experience the beauty of direct-to-consumer luxury with our premium leather goods, handcrafted in-house at our workshop. By cutting out the middlemen, we are able to bring you the finest materials and traditional production methods at an affordable price, without sacrificing quality. Our fair and ethical practices, including a commitment to local production and avoiding outsourced manufacturing, ensure that you receive a truly exceptional product.



See the complete collection in person

While traditional fashion showrooms can only display a handful of products of each brand, you can see in our showroom every single piece we have in stock. And if we are missing a piece in a color we can make it for you and have it for you latest the next day.

You can directly speak with the designers without any middleman to get the full story behind every single piece. You are talking with the experts, not the middleman.


As we are always looking for new product ideas, we are very interested to keep the conversation up and to hear what you think about our bags and especially new ideas.

Who we work together with

Fashion Stylist & Photographers

If you are looking for products to include in a photoshooting of editorials or for third parties we can lend you our products to be used.


You are working for a magazine and like to discover new brands? In our showroom you can see the whole collection and we can explain you in detail every aspect of our brand and products.

Celebrities & Influencer

You are looking for accessories for a photoshoot or an event? We would love to work directly together with you.

The Sealife Collection

Selection of products


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