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We try to describe everything as precise as possible,
but still some questions reach us more often than other.

Q: May I send you a special request for a product?

A: I am always interested in any custom build project. Due to the nature of my production I cannot promise that I will be able to cater your project. I will honestly evaluate the possibilities and give you feedback as soon as possible.

Q: Why should I sign up for Emails?

A: We try to keep a very close relationship with our costumers. Therefore, Emails are the best way for us, to talk to you directly without any other intermediary.

Q: Can I combine multiple orders or add additional items to my order once it has been placed?

A: Please get in touch with us as soon as possible, so we can see, if we can bundle the orders and ship them out together.

Q: Will the Laptop sleeve also fit another type of laptop?

A: Unlike other brands, we are making sleeves that are suppose to fit perfectly. Each Laptop manufacturer is using very different sizes for the same inch laptops. For that reason we only give the sizes for the macbook family in our listings. If you have another type of laptop please send us a message and we will check the sizing.

Q: Why does it take 1-3 days to ship out my order?

A: Actually we do not need 1-3 days to ship out. We need 1-3 days to produce your product and to ship it out. Our approach is very different to other brands, that produce for stock. We start your order, as it comes in.

Q: How can I care for my leather products so they can last long?

A: Please avoid water and other liquids. If the leather gets in touch with it, try to dry it as fast as possible with a soft cloth. When the leather starts to get dry please apply some good leather fat to keep it healthy.

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