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Article: The power of accessorising

Orange Small Bag and Bracelet Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

The power of accessorising

I have already touched a little bit on this topic in my previous article (Fashion rules to live by) but now I’d like to elaborate on the topic. Accessories have always been a big part of outfits and styling. Choosing the right one without over doing it is where practice comes in. It’s also very important to know which accessories will compliment your outfit. When accessorising an outfit Less is More.

If you have a radiant colourful outfit accessorising too much will just throw off the balance and it will look like there’s too much going on. I will advise on how accessories without this happening but first we’re gonna dive into basics and start with a simple outfit.

Let’s build a look together.

For this look we’re gonna take a basic pair of jeans (this can be: mom jeans, baggy jeans, skinny jeans, dark denim, light denim). They’re going to be paired with white basic T-shirt. Now it’s time to accessories, I’m going choose a colour of shoes that can be easily paired which is black. I will add a black belt on my jeans and pair it with black leather backpack. I will add a pair of sunglasses and silver earrings. Rings are always good too if you don’t have too many bracelets going on. I’d recommend to either add multiple rings or multiple bracelets but not both as all the attention will go to your hands instead of the outfit.

Small Leather Backpack Black Woven

For going out, we will use the same outfit but switch shoes for heels and add a small leather bag instead of the backpack. This can be pair with gold chain necklace and then gold rings. We will thrown on black leather jacket to keep us warm when the temperatures drop. Now you’re ready for a night out.

Small Black Leather Bag Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann

If you’re going to work or you have a business meeting I would recommend keeping jewellery minimalistic and accessorising with a colourful belt instead (red really stands out with denim). Red gives an effect of a powerful confident woman and there’s so many different shades of red you can play around with, especially with Autumn coming up.

Red Leather Belt Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Now if you’re more expressive with your outfits you can choose to blend your outfit with accessories or balance the outfit. Both look amazing it’s simply a preference on what you choose. To blend your outfit always add colours you’re already wearing rather than adding new ones. If possible try to match the shades as close as possible. If you prefer to add accessories that balance the outfit rather than blend it together beige, black and white will suit any colour you might be wearing in your outfit. Be minimalistic and try on different options before finally deciding.

Small Orange Bag and Bracelet Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Having said that let’s recap, try creating basic outfits with accessories to see what you like and how the end result looks. Have fun with it and remember to choose what you feel most comfortable with. Express yourself in a way that’s unique to you. If you’re working with colours check which compliment each other and which clash. And post important of all as long as you follow less is more rule you’re going to look amazing. Until next time…

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