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Article: Fashion rules to live by

Fashion rules to live by - atelier madre Manuel Dreesmann

Fashion rules to live by

Hi readers, I am back with another article and In this one I will be discussing fashion rules to live by, or at least fashion rules I live by. It goes without saying these can be adapted to match your style and make it more unique so don’t forget to have fun while planning your outfits.

First fashion rule

One of the major rules I only recently applied to my style is finding colours that compliment my skin tone. I wish I knew the difference this makes earlier. So I’m going to break this down into a few steps.

Firstly I need you to determine if your skin has cool undertones or warm undertones. There is a simple test that helps you do this in less than a minute. Take a look at your wrist under natural sunlight, if your veins are bluish or purple that indicates you have cool undertones. If they are greenish you have warm undertones, and if you have a little bit of both you most likely have neutral undertone.

 Defining undertones of skin colour atelier madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Best colors to dress with for cool undertones

If you have cool undertone, colours charcoal grey and purples compliment your skin and are good to use as base of your outfit paired with a lighter colour or pastel colour. Try avoid bold strong colours like grassy green or electric blue.

Rack of clothes for cold undertone skin Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Best colors to dress with for warm undertones

If you have warm undertone you suit a wider range of colours especially warm and bright colours like orange, yellow or even gold. Natural earth tones like deep reds or browns look great as well. There isn’t really any colours you should avoid so have fun with it.

Rack of clothes for warm undertone skin Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Best colors to dress with for neutral undertones

Neutral undertones look great with neutral colours. If you add white or beige it will compliment your skin. Also light peach, dusty pinks, jade green should definitely be a part of your wardrobe. Red, yellow or anything too bright should be on the avoid list.

Rack of clothes for neutral undertone skin Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Second fashion rule

Don’t over accessorise! I can’t stress this enough, don’t throw every piece of jewellery you have on plus a hat and a belt with a bag along with sunglasses. This just gives such a messy look and it has a lot going on so it doesn’t sit smooth with the eye. Especially if all those things are a different colour.

Instead I recommend choosing one or two accessories. My go to accessories are small bags that matches my outfit and sunglasses. If your preference is a hat or a belt just make sure the colours match at least one clothing piece you’re wearing, example would be your belt colour matches your top and your hat matches your trousers. This makes the outfit look well put together.

Leather Belt Red Color Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Jewellery wise its best to wear all silver or all gold. I always wear my silver bracelet and necklace, both are minimalistic and have a thin chain so they add that elegant look. Don’t be scared to layer your necklaces, they won’t look messy as long as you stick with less is more rule. Chunky necklace or big chain looks amazing if you wear it on its own.

Third fashion rule

Follow your own style. In this century fashion has really changed and envolved and so have the fashion trends. I always follow the latest trends especially if they seem like something I would wear, however it’s really important to add your own twist to each outfit. Make sure you experiment with colours, clothes and accessories to find something that looks unique to you. Fashion is there to help us express ourselves and show the world who we are as individuals not as a group so don’t be scared to stand out.

As trends change extremely fast I advise on having few timeless pieces in your closet that don’t go out of fashion or can be layered to be apart of new fashion trends. Plain white and black T-shirt is a basic must in every woman’s closet. Also as you can see more and more trends are coming back rather than new ones appearing so don’t get rid off your favourite pieces too quickly.

White and Black T-shirts Sample Atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann Barcelona

Having said this I’m finishing my list of rules to live by. These rules have been my guideline for so long and it was time to share them with the world.

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