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Article: Leather Belts - Our Sizing Guide

Belt sizing guide atelier Madre Manuel Dreesmann

Leather Belts - Our Sizing Guide

We specialize in custom-made belts, offering lengths up to 150 cm to ensure a perfect fit for each individual. Unlike standard belts, our aim is to tailor them specifically to your size and preference.

To determine your ideal belt length, we recommend two methods:

Belt Sizing Measurement Through Loops of pants

1. Belt Sizing Measurement Through Pant Loops:
Put on the pants you intend to wear with the belt and use a measuring tape to pass through all the loops, noting the measurement to find your accurate belt length.

 Belt measure sizing guide atelier madre manuel dreesmann

2. Measuring an Existing Belt:
If you already have a well-fitting belt, measure from the tip of the buckle to the hole on the belt that provides the best fit for your pants.


While there are various sizing guides available that suggest belt sizes based on pants size, we strongly discourage relying on these conversions. Clothing manufacturers use different scales, and more importantly, the positioning of your pants on your waist greatly affects the size needed.

Our belt measurements are taken from the middle hole to the end of the buckle, where the metal meets the leather. This design allows for future adjustments with two holes on each side, spaced 2.5 cm apart.

By following these guidelines, we ensure that your custom-made belt will be tailored to your specific requirements and offer maximum comfort and style.


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