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Article: Barcelona Shopping

Barcelona Shopping Street Carrer del Rec 20

Barcelona Shopping

Barcelona is a shopper’s paradise, with its mix of high-end luxury brands, unique local boutiques, and traditional markets. From the famous Passeig de Gracia to the charming El Raval neighborhood, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. Whether you’re looking for designer clothing, artisanal souvenirs, or local delicacies, Barcelona has it all.

Passeig de Gracia: This is the city’s most famous shopping street and home to some of the world’s top luxury brands. It’s the perfect place for those looking for high-end shopping and window shopping alike.

El Raval: If you’re looking for a more local shopping experience, head to the El Raval neighborhood. This area is known for its quirky boutiques, vintage shops, and second-hand stores. You’ll find everything from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing and furniture.

La Boqueria Market: If you’re a foodie, La Boqueria market is a must-visit. It’s one of the largest and oldest markets in Europe, and it’s known for its delicious fresh produce, cured meats, and exotic spices. You can grab a bite to eat at one of the many stalls, or buy ingredients to cook a traditional Catalan meal back at your hotel.

El Born: El Born is a charming neighborhood that’s known for its shopping and cultural attractions. Here, you’ll find a mix of independent boutiques, vintage shops, and artisanal stores. Whether you’re looking for handmade jewelry, local pottery, or vintage clothing, you’ll find it all here. Here you can find our atelier for handcrafted leather goods "Manuel Dreesmann - Atelier Madre".

In conclusion, Barcelona is a shopper’s paradise, with its diverse range of shopping options to suit all tastes and budgets. From luxury brands to local boutiques, and from food markets to vintage shops, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city. So pack your bags, grab your shopping list, and get ready to explore the best shopping spots in Barcelona!

Special things to buy in Barcelona

Barcelona is known for its rich culture and unique local products, making it an excellent place to buy souvenirs and gifts. Here are some special things you can buy in Barcelona:

  1. Ceramics: Barcelona is renowned for its ceramics, and you can find beautiful handmade pottery, tiles, and vases at local markets and specialty shops.

  2. Gothic jewelry: Gothic-style jewelry is a popular item in Barcelona, and you can find stunning necklaces, bracelets, and earrings made of silver or gold at local markets and jewelry stores.

  3. Fans: Traditional Spanish fans are a beautiful and practical item to buy in Barcelona. You can find them in a variety of styles, designs, and materials.

  4. Gaudi-inspired souvenirs: Barcelona is famous for its architecture, and the work of Antoni Gaudi is especially well-known. You can find a range of Gaudi-inspired souvenirs, including key chains, magnets, and postcards, at local shops and markets.

  5. Food and drink: Spain is renowned for its delicious food and drink, and Barcelona is no exception. You can find a variety of local specialties, such as cured meats, cheeses, olive oil, and wine, at food markets and specialty stores.

  6. Textiles: Barcelona is also known for its textiles, and you can find beautiful handmade linens, clothing, and accessories at local markets and shops.

  7. Leather goods: barcelona has a rich history of leather works. With Igualada and the many tanneries still remaining there and the vibrant fashion cluster all around, you can find premium brands like ours who do amazing leather products.

These are just a few of the many unique and special items you can buy in Barcelona. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, artisanal, or contemporary, you’ll find it all in this vibrant city.

What are the most famous shopping streets?

Barcelona is home to many fantastic shopping streets, each with its own unique character and offerings. Here are some of the most famous shopping streets in Barcelona:

  1. Passeig de Gracia: This is the city's most well-known shopping street and is lined with high-end luxury boutiques and main stream brands.

  2. Rambla de Catalunya: Rambla de Catalunya is another high-end shopping street, known for its designer fashion and jewelry stores.

  3. Portaferrissa: This street is located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter and is known for its traditional Spanish shops and boutiques.

  4. Avinguda Diagonal: Avinguda Diagonal is a large boulevard that runs through the city and is home to many high-street brands, department stores, and local boutiques.

  5. Las Ramblas: Even it is probably the most famous street in Barcelona, we do not recommend to go there for Shopping or Restaurants. It has become a very touristy place with rather uninteresting offerings.

  6. Carrer del Rec: located in El Born this is the most famous shopping street with many boutiques and ateliers. Recently hit by Covid, there are many new shops opening, like ours.

These are just a few of the many fantastic shopping streets in Barcelona. Whether you're looking for luxury brands, unique local boutiques, or traditional Spanish shops, you'll find it all in this vibrant city.

The most important shopping malls in Barcelona

Here are some popular shopping malls in Barcelona:

  1. La Roca Village: a luxury outlet shopping center with international brands.

  2. El Corte Inglés: Spain's largest department store chain, offering a wide variety of products.

  3. Centro Comercial Maremagnum: a shopping center located in the port of Barcelona, with shops, restaurants and a cinema.

  4. Glòries Shopping Center: a shopping mall in the Glòries neighborhood of Barcelona, with a range of stores and restaurants.

  5. L'Illa Diagonal: a large shopping center in the neighborhood of Sarrià-Sant Gervasi, with a variety of shops and a cinema.

  6. Gran Via 2: a shopping mall in the suburbs of Barcelona, with a range of international and Spanish brands.

  7. Fira Barcelona: a large exhibition center located near the airport, with shopping facilities and restaurants.

What are the store opening hours in Barcelona?

Store opening hours in Barcelona can vary depending on the type of store and location, but here are some general guidelines:

  1. Shops and Boutiques: Most shops and boutiques in Barcelona are open from Monday to Saturday, typically from around 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Some smaller stores may close for a siesta in the afternoon, typically between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm. On Sundays and public holidays, most shops are closed, although some stores in tourist areas may be open.

  2. Supermarkets: Supermarkets in Barcelona are typically open from Monday to Saturday, from around 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Some supermarkets may be open on Sundays, but this can vary depending on the location and chain.

  3. Malls and Department Stores: Malls and department stores in Barcelona usually have longer opening hours than individual shops and boutiques, and are typically open from around 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, seven days a week.

  4. Markets: Markets in Barcelona, such as La Boqueria, typically have different opening hours than shops and boutiques. They are usually open from Monday to Saturday, from around 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Some markets may be closed on Sundays or have reduced hours.

Overall, store opening hours in Barcelona can vary depending on the type of store and location. It's always a good idea to check the opening hours in advance, especially if you are planning to visit a specific store or market.

Are shops open on sundays in Barcelona?

In Barcelona, many shops and shopping centers are closed on Sundays, but some shops and tourist areas may be open. Here are some shops that are typically open on Sundays in Barcelona:

  1. Tourist shops and souvenir shops in tourist areas such as Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter.

  2. Convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and Opencor.

  3. Pharmacies and drug stores.

  4. Gas stations.

  5. Supermarkets such as Carrefour, Caprabo and Alcampo.

  6. Some shopping centers such as La Roca Village and El Corte Inglés may open on Sundays, but it's best to check in advance as hours may vary.

  7. Maremagnum shopping mall is open on Sundays, as it is located in the harbour area and special rules apply.
  8. Some shops in the touristy areas are open on Sundays. 
  9. We are open every day including Sundays from 11:00-20:00

It's important to note that opening hours may be affected by local holidays and events, so it's always best to check in advance.

Is it possible to claim a tax refund on my purchases in Barcelona?

Yes, it is possible to claim a tax refund on your purchases in Barcelona if you are a non-EU resident. The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Spain is currently 21%, and non-EU residents can claim a refund on this tax for purchases made in Spain.

To claim the tax refund, you will need to follow certain procedures when making your purchases. Look for stores that display the "Tax Free Shopping" sign or ask the salesperson if they offer tax-free shopping. When making a purchase, be sure to ask for a tax refund form, which will need to be completed and presented along with your passport at the airport customs desk when you leave the EU.

You will also need to meet certain conditions to qualify for the tax refund, such as spending a minimum amount in a single store on the same day, and leaving the EU within a certain time frame. The tax refund process can vary depending on the store and the refund company they use, so it's important to read and follow the instructions carefully.

Overall, if you are a non-EU resident, claiming a tax refund on your purchases in Barcelona can be a great way to save money and get some of the VAT back.

Can I find international brands and luxury boutiques in Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona is home to a wide range of international brands and luxury boutiques, making it a great destination for fashion and luxury shopping. Some of the most well-known luxury fashion brands have flagship stores in Barcelona, such as Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Prada, as well as many other high-end and designer brands.

The city also has several luxury shopping areas, such as Passeig de Gracia, which is home to some of the most exclusive and upscale stores in the city, as well as Avinguda Diagonal, which is another popular shopping area with a mix of luxury and mid-range stores.

In addition to the well-known luxury brands, Barcelona is also home to many local designers and boutique stores that offer unique and stylish clothing and accessories. The city has a thriving fashion and design scene, with many small boutiques and independent stores that offer one-of-a-kind pieces.

Overall, whether you are looking for high-end designer fashion or unique local finds, Barcelona has a diverse and vibrant shopping scene that caters to a range of tastes and budgets.

What is the payment method in most stores in Barcelona - cash or credit card?

Most stores in Barcelona accept both cash and credit card payments. Credit card usage is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, and most stores in the city accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. However, it is always a good idea to carry some cash with you, as some smaller or independent stores may only accept cash payments.

When paying with a credit card, be aware that some stores may require a minimum purchase amount in order to use a credit card, so it is always a good idea to ask the salesperson about their payment policy before making a purchase. It is also a good idea to let your bank or credit card company know that you will be traveling to Spain, to avoid any issues with your card being blocked due to suspicious activity.

Overall, whether you prefer to pay with cash or credit card, most stores in Barcelona offer a range of payment options to suit your needs. It's always a good idea to carry some cash with you, but credit card usage is also widely accepted in the city.

Are there any traditional or unique shops that are worth visiting in Barcelona?

Yes, Barcelona has a wealth of traditional and unique shops that are worth visiting. Here are some of the best:

  1. La Manual Alpargatera: This is a traditional shoe shop that has been in business since 1940. They specialize in espadrilles, a traditional Spanish shoe made from canvas and jute. The shop offers a wide range of colors and styles, and you can even customize your own pair.

  2. La Boqueria: This is a famous market in the heart of Barcelona that offers a wide range of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and other local specialties. It's a great place to shop for local ingredients and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

  3. Escriba: This is a pastry shop that has been in business since 1906. They are known for their creative and beautiful pastries, cakes, and chocolates, which are almost too beautiful to eat.

  4. Chocolates Amatller: This is a chocolate shop that has been in business since 1797. They offer a wide range of chocolates, including traditional Spanish specialties like turron and hot chocolate. The shop is also known for its beautiful packaging, which makes their chocolates a great gift.

  5. Casa Beethoven: This is a music store that offers a wide range of classical and contemporary music, as well as instruments and accessories. It's a great place to shop for music lovers, and they also offer concerts and other musical events.

Overall, Barcelona offers a wealth of traditional and unique shops that are worth exploring. Whether you are looking for traditional Spanish products or stylish and creative design, there is something for everyone in this vibrant city. 


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